This time round we have not so much guests anymore but more new members of the Ellerium Games Media Team.

Iona, Leila, Breck and Jason all discuss the upcoming 2019 UK Games Expo and the games they would like to check out..... Or at least 3 of us do as one didn't put the effort in.


There is also mention of a Giveaway you say. Yes thats right two lucky people could win a new game.


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Discussed Links:


Iona's Picks:

Blood on the clock tower  -
Life form  -
lastanza  -
sierra west  -
sieze the bean  -

Leila's Picks:
Undo -
Bosk  -
Coma Ward -
Mega City Oceana -
Table is lava -

Jason's Picks:

Namiji -
Kitty Cataclysm -
Robot Royale  -
Tainted Grail  -
Snitch -


Dice Summoners -
Periodic -
Wreck And Ruin -



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